Guys, Guys is this right what he is doing?

My boyfriend broke up with me Friday night over his depression saying it's best for me, then yesterday said nothing all day not having read my msgs all day and night, then this morning messages me saying he misses me and that he does wanna be with me but want to takes things slow because of his depression too, but is serious about me and wants a future together, so he said we back together now but i asked to see him later to talk today and then he said he doesn't want to he is being with his friends, and to be honest it always does feel like his friends are more important, is he just needing his alone time or does he not seem interested to see me?


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  • In my opinion, him using his depression to break up is a bad excuse. If it were me with a girl, i'd think they just wanted to break up without breaking my soul. Someone who breaks up with you just to try'n get back together the next day isn't the kind of person i'd want to be with.

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      i even wantes to see him today after he spoke to me and he said no he is with his friends again and left his phone at home yet again so i can't get hold of him so it's like he is acting single still, why is his friends more important than seeing me if he was with them Friday and yesterday and now today again?

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