I saw my ex with his girlfriend and now I don't know what to do?

The thing is me and my ex are still in love with each other. I saw him coming inside the nail salon to bring her a beverage. I’m not sure if they’re together but im assuming because she did this on purpose she kept staring at me and i feel like she knew who i was, and probably saw me through social media. When he saw me it looked like his whole face dropped. She was talking to him and he was looking directly at me, and his eyes were kinda watery. He told me he still loves me and still misses me, and he wants to be with me and how’s ready to settle with me. I’m assuming he’s not really happy in his current relationship, but he never told me about her. He lied when I asked him if he was seeing somebody and now he’s not answering my messages. I know I should just move on please don’t tell me, I just would like to understand his perspective, and I still kinda love him.
I know he just doesn’t want sex because he told me all of this when he was in a business trip outside of the country and he offered to fly me out.


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  • all 3 of you are retards
    people have no idea what is going on lol


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