Is his concern for me more than that of an work acquaintance-friend?

There's this guy who I'm working with - he's been actively taking on more than he should for the project deal we're working on. He says he's concerned as he doesn't want me to be screwed over just because others we are working with cannot pull their own weight. He helps without me asking and then tells me he's doing so I would have less on my plate / be less high-strung.

His schedule is more intense than mine or most within the team but he's the responsible type who is really good at prioritzing. He was working a lot in the week as he was going away for the weekend and said he would not be able to get much done. But he still told me to hit him up if I need help?
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  • It's hard to tell. One thing that I can say is that he doesn't mind you. No one would be willing to sacrifice themselves for someone, if they didn't like that person.

    Personally, I do offer to help others like the guy you mentioned. Especially, if I am 'responsible' for that person.

    Does he offer his help to other people in the team? If so, it could be because he is a nice guy. If not, then he could well be interested in you.

    Why don't you ask for his help on a small piece of work? You can use it as an excuse to buy him a drink (or coffee) so that you can have a more social chat and see where it takes you?

    Either way, good luck with the project and the guy!


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