Would you like to be told men were staring at your ass when your back was turned?

I was at the gym once. This woman got up on the step up machine, she was build and had a huge butt and was wearing yoga pants. I looked in the mirror and many men's heads turned all at once, like a lot. That ass attracted a lot of attention. It was funny looking in the mirror and seeing all these heads turning. If I was friends with her would it be a smart thing to tell her? would you like to be told this by a friend?
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If I was friends with her I would suggest taking a camera on her butt next time she's on that thing. But I would say to do it when I am not around cause I don't want to be filmed.


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  • Yeah, it would make me feel better about my tiny ass.

  • Dude, 50% of the reason women go to the gym is for attention.


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