Friends with benefits relationship is confusing me?

I recently got into a Friends with Benefits relationship with one of my closest guy friends who I really care about. The hookups have been really fun but also emotionally intimate. We always peck each other on the lips, cuddle before and after sex, and spoon with each other when we go to sleep. He always showers me with compliments (about how pretty/hot I am) and tells me how much he loves cuddling me. We usually watch movies together and he explicitly says he's always down to just "cuddle and fall asleep" or give me back rubs/cuddle while watching movies and then fall asleep while spooning because the cuddles and kisses are his favorite part of this thing we have. There have been times where he's just come over to mine to cuddle, talk and fall asleep togehter (when I have explicitly told him I don't want to get physical for that night beforehand). He lets me wear his t-shirts and even left a toothbrush at my place because he sleeps over a lot. Before when we were just friends, we would see each other once/week but now he wants to hang out every day (go out to movies, and museums, etc). I asked him if he thinks this will lead to a dating situation and he said that he is "emotionally unavailable and not looking to pursue a romantic relationship" and also that he has been hooking up with other girls. It confuses me because he still cuddles me in front of his friends and kisses me in elevators and stuff, and that along with the some of the other things I've mentioned seem to be something you would just do when you are a couple? I do not expect this to turn into a relationship nor am I hoping it will because I know he doesn't want that... it is just messing with my head.

Is this normal for a friends with benefits relationship or does this sound too couple-y? I really care about him and I'm scared this friends with benefits thing will ruin our friendship and I don't want to lose him as a friend when we stop hooking up. What should I do?
Friends with benefits relationship is confusing me?
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