Boyfriend lied to me about a huge decision because he’s afraid I’d break up with him?

We’ve been dating two years long distance and we finally had the option to be together for grad school but he chose the option that was closer to home and his friends. he said it was also for financial reasons- he was in the navy and school at home would be free but they would only pay for part of it in the city I’ll be in. I didn’t have an option as to where I am going as I got into PA school in another city a few hours away and not our hometown. He knew for two months and told his friends that he was scared to tell me that he didn’t like that city and didn’t want to be there and the only reason he’d be moving would be for me and he was afraid I’d break up with him if he told me. I found out through a mutual friend and I was so mad at him for keeping something so huge from me and lying for selfish reasons. I also find it worrisome that we have talked about marriage and being together everyday and when he finally had the choice he freaked out about it and chose the comfort of having friends and family and being in the city he grew up in (I grew up there too) while accepting the fact we will be long distance for three more years while I’m in PA school. I asked for space right now while I decide how to proceed but I am worried that he feels so insecure that he’s going to lose me to the point that it’s affecting his actions because I haven’t done anything to make him feel that way. I’m also worried that he’s so stuck in a bubble with his high school friends and doesn’t want to venture out of his comfort zone. We’ve had a great and loving relationship and this all came up two days ago so I am feeling 50/50 about breaking up with him. Am I being unreasonable about his choice and what things do I need to discuss with him if I decide to stay with him? How do we even progress our relationship long distance?
Boyfriend lied to me about a huge decision because he’s afraid I’d break up with him?
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