Should men have to pay child support for a child they didn’t want?

It’s not fair is it? If women don’t want a kid, they go abort. But if men don’t... they have to pay for 18 years...

Both the man and woman had sex, yet the woman can escape by getting an abortion but the man can’t... unless the woman wants to abort too.

Women can have carefree sex, simply aborting any baby that’s accidentally made. No harm done. And move on.

But mens lives are destroyed for doing the same thing women do... and women are the ones who seduce men and manipulate them into having sex...

... am I the only one who sees the blatant unfairness here?
29 d
My God are people stupid.

Fact: Abortion is used like a birth control to most women. Women do NOT like human babies. Women like puppies and kittens... NOT human babies. Women would never kill or abuse dogs or cats, yet the all abuse kids. Studies show must American women BEAT their toddlers... not to mention once they turn 18 in America most mothers kick their child out. Women hate kids. They only have them to gain power over a mans wallet.
29 d
Also: “You shouldn’t have had sex”

The same can be said for women. Yet they still pay for someone to cut their unborn out of them. The fact that women do this is repulsive to be honest.
Should men have to pay child support for a child they didn’t want?
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