Guys, Men: when you break up with a girl do you totally erase her from life? Is this a fake breakup?

MY boyfriend of 1 year has hit a stressful part of life. We had a bad timing argument while he was already stressed out and told me he is done. He wants to be left alone.

He keeps saying he will bring my things and he hasn't. He hasn't deleted me from any of his social media platforms. We had a private account with our pictures on it... he goes on it. He goes on all my other accounts and my daughters account.

I went in earlier this week to get something important i left for work (he wasn't there) and our picture he folded and put a plant on it but my clothes were still in the closet beside his.. my other clothes still in the drawer and hanging visibly.. my shoes are right at the door where his are all my bathstuff and toothbrush are still in its regular place.

So I am confused...
He talks big but his actions are showing something else.

I know before he says to me that he is the type of person who will say harsh things to get people to leave him alone.


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  • When i split from ex i got a black bag and threw everything. She had hurt me and i just didn't need the reminder of her daily. My reaction was probably a little extreme.

    • 4 d ago

      See thats what I assumed would be this guy's reaction.. I know when it was fresh he said he packed one bag of my things that he washed.. and when I went over when he wasn't there everything was still intact aside from that one bag of fresh washed clothes and for the most part its because he is a neat freak and usually he leaves them on the dresser for me to put away when i come the next day but since he wanted to be alone he knew I wouldn't be there for a while and I guess just that one bag remained. He did have other bags for packing.. but he never packed anything. My toothbrush, toiletries are all still in place.

      He hasn't deleted me from the insta we shared with our pictures.. he hadn't blocked me from his regular instagram either... He says he will bring my things on Saturday... do you think he has wavering feelings?

    • 4 d ago

      Thing is I didn't hurt him. We had tiny arguments over chores snd being too busy at times and the stress if finding a place together.

  • I think "totally erase her from life" is not possible because ultimately we are flesh and blood and have a brain that can remember things.

    But as far as I am concerned, after my ex and I broke off, we had a "last meeting" to "clean up" the relationship, make sure we are "still friends" (just in case we bump into each other on the street), and then make an agreement not to chat or meet on social media again.

    So far my side somehow are "clean". But I have to admit, I do remember a lot of fond memories.


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