Is this IT guy friendly or interested?


There is a guy in my class (computer science) and I'm not sure if he likes me as a friend or more. I'm the only girl there so I can't tell how he is around other girls.

- Asked me personal questions
- Seems like a nice guy in general
- Complimented me
- Also said he thinks my face is funny...
- Teases me
- Ignores me
- Seems like he likes to talk to me (like it feels natural)
- Made some eye contact, but also looks away quickly
- Ignores me when I'm up close
- Ignores me around his friends/my friends
- Looks at me when talking to his friends
- Listens to my conversations and sometimes barges in
- Protects me when someone makes fun of me or teases me
- Looks dejected when I tease him
- Seemed nervous at first, but not so much anymore
- Smiled to himself when I talk to friends
- Sits next to me when I'm in his area
- Doesn't talk much through text
- Possibly thinks I have boyfriend.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah he likes you.

    • 9 d ago

      How do you know?
      To me it keeps going back and forth. One day I feel confident, and the next it feels like he hates my guts.

    • 9 d ago

      Just ask him if he wants to hang out to study/get coffee alone. So he can get the idea, but you can also say "I just wanted to study" if he says he doesn't like you. He is probably just as embarrassed and nervous of rejection as you are.

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