How would most guys realistically behave & view this guy?

since most guys are fearful, jealous of the "ALPHA"
what about this type of guy?

barely any $
opposite sex hates him
family hates & loaths him
is a free loader when it comes to $, food
is very sneaky & afraid of losing fights

manipulates himself out of getting beat up & getting blamed for things he causes


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  • I don’t know, I feel a bit bad for you lol

    • 2 d ago

      why would you? that would only be the case if the freeloader hated his lifestyle but i bet that i can easily "charm" you into being my friend so i can steal from you & spread your secrets

      I've done it before

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    • 1 d ago

      to you...
      that empathy you carry around will make you an easy target

    • 1 d ago

      To who?

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