Guys, Guy freaks out bc I didn't meet him on time?

Ok so I met this guy Sunday and went on a date. He wanted to see me everyday since this week. I work so don't have time and I have a very young son that I have to raise alone. I had a rare chance to meet this guy and I finally met up and dated. It was great. But I was supposed to meet him tonight. I had my son and my brother was coming over to help me watch him. He was late so I told him to wait for me. He says I'm so I'm taking a shower and I get out to 8 missed calls from him and he's like don't contact me ever again. He doesn't want to hang out with liars and he shows me a nude of this girl who's blowing him and he's like she's going to be my girlfriend forever LMAO at me and blocks my number so I can't call. It's hilarious to me that he's upset bc we literally met Sunday and I thought it was going well but I'm not around or available everyday. I guess that's what he wants. Was he in love with me or something to flip out like that?


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  • You think that is showing he loved you? Please tell me that's a joke.
    He was a selfish asshole to flip out on you like that... period. He did you a big favor.

    • 6 d ago

      I wasn't serious about that part. I just don't know what's wrong with this dude

    • 5 d ago

      Weren't serious... yeah okay...
      Does it really matter? 8 calls while you were in the shower? PSYCHO alert. By going back to him in any way (message or whatever) you are sending a message that what he did is okay. Some people are just OFF, doesn't mean you need to be their psychiatrist. Move on and keep your dignity a sanity.

  • Yeah that sounds a bit off, sounds like you made out pretty well avoiding that disaster.

  • Anal dude. Sounds like you dodged a real bullet there.


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