Guys, friends with benefits texts everyday?

Is this normal? We hookup once in two weeks or so but he has been texting me everyday asking how I am or sending pictures..


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  • Take it as a compliment he is addicted to what you are offering and wants to continue to get it as often as possible

  • Congratulations!

    Your question is today's Question of the Day illustrating that Friends With Benefits is an illusion because eventually one of them will get emotionally involved as if in a couple.

    It's not a question of "if" it's going to happen, but "when".

    If it is any consolation, in December 1988 just before I turned 26, I was involved in this intense 2.5 week F W B situation with my roommate. I was very emotionally involved, but, for her, I was just a convenient lay between more "serious BF"s.

    So, was I a stupid fool? Yes and no. I knew better, but I wanted what I got into and paid the price. I learned through The School of Hard Knocks just like you are...


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