Was I in an abusive relationship?

We broke up because he cheated on me. We dated for two years and by the end I felt like a shell of myself, anxious, resentful, not valued or listened to, and almost crazy and I’ve always been a confident person. Now three weeks after, I feel happier than I have in a while. Reflecting on our relationship, I realized there were so many red flags I didn’t notice.
1. Whenever I went out with my friends or didn’t text him every hour he’d get mad at me and really needy or when I didn’t answer his calls if I was at dinner with friends he wouldn’t understand why I couldn’t just talk to him.
2. He told me he would always try to talk to me when he was dating his ex even if she didn’t like it because he found me interesting and had a crush. I brought it up later and he denied it and said you don’t have a good memory.
3. Whenever we would play wrestle in bed I’d ask him to be more gentle because it hurt and gave me bruises and he kept being rough and told me I just bruised easily.
4. He told me he and his ex were just good friends and refused to understand my jealousy even though he hid things about her in the beginning of our relationship and it made me uncomfortable. He then told me jealousy was unattractive. He also cheated on me with his ex.
5. He would always be just joking with me about my appearance or in front of his friends sometimes he’d belittle me and make me seem dumb.
6. He told me he got physically ill when we argued or I confronted him about something. When I asked for space he would get rude and question my need for space.
7. I felt like none of the issues I brought up were ever resolved, and it caused me to feel as though I was overreacting or being too sensitive.
8. I always felt as though I was asking for too much.
9. My parents and friends never liked him because they thought he was selfish and only wanted to talk about himself.
was this abuse and how do I recover from this?
Was I in an abusive relationship?
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