Am I delusional in thinking he has feelings?

I don't know what to expect. Our group is comprised of 8 girls and out of of the 8, I am not really the prettiest or the sexiest. Now this is the problem. My co-workers younger brother usually tags along when we go on vacation and I just don't know how to interpret his actions. He dotes on me whenever we're together, He always accompanies me, he never leaves my side, he only talks to me, and my friends catch him looking at me from time to time. In our group he only does these things to me. Everyone else is quite confused with his actions because they've known him longer but have never seen him act that way. What should i think about his actions?
29 d
For those asking, yes... I like him... a lot.
The reason why I'm hesitant to ask him is because of my friendship with his sister. I don't want to risk losing them both if i'm just reading too much into his actions.
Am I delusional in thinking he has feelings?
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