Why is my teacher looking me weirdly?

So I’m a good student I don’t talk in class listen I do my work and I play around when it’s a good time. And now one of my favorite teachers he’s nice he playful probably cause he’s 28 yeah he’s cute or whatever but I don’t like him and before he would stare at me I would feel uncomfortable sometimes but he would stare at me but I could tell it was friendly or something but now he looks at me all serious like I did something which I didn’t bits like every time we are in the same room so they’ll looks and say hi and other times he’ll look all serious and I don’t like when people switch up there emotion on me so fast like that cause it makes me feel like I’d do something wrong but in this case I didn’t do why would he be looking at me like that
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Ok so I heard you need more information ok so last year he was supper nice to me always looking at me again I don’t feel any type of way towards him and now this year once in a while we’ll make eye contact and he’ll smile other times he’ll look at me all serious and mean like I did something but when other students come up to him hell be all happy again and remember this one of my favorite teachers so I hope this helps maybe by the way I’m 17
Why is my teacher looking me weirdly?
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