Should I keep texting my crush first if he never texts first?

I've been liking this guy for 2 months now, and since it's summer, I can't talk to him in person, so I've been texting him on social media. (I haven't invited him to hang out because I don't think we're close enough to do that.) We're friends- we play video games together, we share similar interests, and we have a lot of friends in common. In school, he always talked to me first, in the one class we shared. But when we text, I'm always the one to initiate the conversation. He usually replies within minutes (though sometimes he takes hours, but I usually assume that's because he's busy; video games take up a lot of his time), but the fact that he doesn't text first makes me feel like he's disinterested. He's only texted first a few times, but that was for help with schoolwork. My friends also say he never texts them first either, though. But when I asked my friend (let's call him A) to ask if he liked me, my friend said "you like (my name)" and he said "ew." I felt hurt, because I thought he said "ew" because he found me ugly or annoying, but my friends say he might be saying that to get A off his back. I'm not ready to get into a relationship though, but I want to keep liking this boy. Should I keep texting him first, and what should I do in this situation in general? Should I keep liking him?
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P. S. He's also pretty shy, my friend A says he doesn't talk to many girls, and he doesn't talk to girls often in general.
Should I keep texting my crush first if he never texts first?
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