Why is my ex bullying me?

My ex boyfriend left me for this new "hot" girl at our school. The new girl came to our school towards the end of the school year. He didn't break up with me just ignored me until I saw him with her. There's 2 new guys at our school who became friends with him. Those 2 have been hitting on me. They think I'm the prettiest girl there. They don't know that me and their friend aka my ex dated. (He may have told them after he saw them hitting on me).

There's 2 of his old friends who have been trying to get with me behind my ex's back. My ex has been trying to show off the new girl to them but they could careless. They want me. One of the new guys wants me so bad, that he smiles and yells my name when he sees me. I smile back and you can see my ex look angry. My ex has started rumors about me being a slut, whore, I'm not attractive, I'm crazy, I'm weird, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I do not understand why is he picking on me.
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Not the end of the school year but the beginning I meant.
Why is my ex bullying me?
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