In a relationship with a married man, HELP?

I have never had a boyfriend my whole life. He is my first boyfriend and my first kiss. I have never gotten any kind of attention before from any guy. He is the boss of the company I work for. He's given me the position I wanted.

He's married and has 2 kids. No one at work knows about this relationship. It all started with him overly helping me. I thought he was just being nice but it was way more to it. He asked for my number one day and I gave it to him. He told me over text that I was beautiful and that he's in love with me. He tells me all the sexual stuff he wants to do to me. He has this plan where he wants everyone in a room for a big meeting, while me and him go to this room at work to have sex.

We keep our distance at work. No one knows about this, maybe one or two, or 5 people lol may be suspicious because they've seen him come up to me at work several times. These 2 people stare at us when we are near each other. He does keep his distance but he's not good at it.

He went on a vacation with his wife last Saturday. (the last time I saw him) He came over to me at work Saturday morning. I never knew he was going on vacation, and he didn't tell me. I saw it on his wife's FB. He was acting really weird that day like he was nervous about something. I asked him if he was ok and he said yes each time. After that day, he has been facetiming me a lot since he left. I haven't answer any of them nor his calls. He's been calling me like crazy his whole vacation. He is suppose to be returning today or tom and I get to see him. I'm nervous.

The reason I call this a relationship is due to his actions. He does not want me talking to other guys. He doesn't tell me I can't talk to other guys because he knows I'm single and can do what I want. So he tells me he loves me. If I talk to other guys anyway, he gets all depressed and gives me the silent treatment. I don't know if what Im doing is right and what will happen if I keep going. I just need the right words or advice.
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The way he acts, is he only wants me to be attracted to him. At work when I'm talking to guy coworkers, he assumes I'm flirting with them. So he walks over and stands behind me talk to these guys.
24 d
I just remembered, he has turned some people against me. He has told other employees whats been going on. He initiated it and tells them that I'm the one thats hitting on him.
In a relationship with a married man, HELP?
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