Does my crush like me?

So my crush and I. Lately I’ve developed a crush on him cause he’s very funny, sweet, and smart. I know he doesn’t have a girlfriend. It would be a bummer if he was crushing on another girl or isn’t interested in me. He’s had me listen to music with him before with sharing earbuds while he walks me to class (he kindly offered to walk me to class 4 times now even though we don’t have the same classes) By the second day that he has walked me to class, he remembers what class it is and where it is. He opens the door for me all the time and he’s even had me walk up the stairs before him (me walk in front of him) don’t know why, but really sweet. By the time we get to the hall where the classroom is, we talk until I have to go or he has his next class (he has said one time“I got to go”and I said okay but he actually stayed for an extra 5 minutes). We like being very goofy together sometimes and we make each other laugh. He’s told me a little about his life. One time when I playfully“flirted”with him, I told him that we should meet up in the STEM buildings since I was in there, and I was on the third floor wondering if I should tease him by trying to have him find me, but then I had second thoughts thinking that he might not like that, but once I was about to tell him where I was, he actually found me (cause the third floor can be seen on the main floor and he went up to me smiling saying hi and I said“oh yay you found me! 😂I was about to tell you where I was”and he said“haha yeah I found you☺️“another day I wasn’t able to meet up with him because I had too much homework to do and he texted me the next day saying he felt lonely cause he didn’t get to see me. Another day I was upset cause it was 1yr from that day that my grandma died, I texted him about it, he said he was sorry to hear that and asked if there was anything he could do for me to make me feel better and I said that I can’t think of anything and he said“okay, let me know if you ever do need anything
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There are some days that when we haven’t seen each other due to work schedules, he’ll text me good morning and we’ll text for hours.

Thats all I can think of that makes me feel like he likes me. However he’s a very sweet person to where he lets other women have his bus seat if they’re standing which I appreciate, cause it shows he’s a nice person. He hasn’t talked about other women when we talk, only that he’s seen his ex around and he avoids her.

Anyways, does it seem like my crush likes me?
Does my crush like me?
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