Does he like me or just want to hook up?

It's been obvious that this guy is interested in me and I'm pretty sure he knows I feel the same way about him. Though in the past I haven't been completely sure about his intentions, our hanging out sessions involved being drunk and on occasion hooking up. But recently he asked me out on a date. This just confuses me and I want to know if he actually likes me or just wants to hook up?

btw when I say "hook up" I mean just kissing, nothing more. I'm not that kinda girl :)


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  • He probably first took you as wanting to hookup, but now he is probably getting feelings for you and wants to get to know you a little more. I say go with it...eventually it will come out. If he wants to go on another date with you then he is definitely interested. Sometimes, guys are sketchy. They think, is this girl girlfriend material? Or just someone to hook up and have fun with. When I say girlfriend material I mean like bring her home to my mom one day, will she cheat, be faitful, is she trashy, and etc...I have had a similiar situation happen to me, and now, a year later we are in a serious relationship. And I am happy. Good luck ;-)

    P.S- It didn't take a year for him to realize it took about 4months..but every guy is different!

    • thanks! at least this gives me some hope lol I don't know I just really don't want to be used!

    • aww your welcome! I hope it all works out for ya. I felt the same way..and I was scared of being used. I do not think he will use sounds like he's interested in getting to know you a little more first. I will give it a month ;-) and you will know where it's going from there. Just do not push it on if he says that he isn't ready..dont ever ask him again. lol I think that is why it took my boyfriend so long to commit. I was asking him like every other week. lol.

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  • how did he ask you out officially?vbefore did all he say was "want to hang out?"

    • yes basically before it'd be the weekend and he'd be like "wanna chill?" but this time he legit asked me out for dinner at a nice place

  • I think maybe I would try to find someone who is more sober enough to date you.

  • If he asked you out officially on a date,I'd give him a chance. But if by the end of the night he wants to go to his place or your to "hook up".Then you'll see what his real intentions are if he doesn't even bring it up don't imply anything around those lines.