Why won't he compliment or admit anything?

I cook and bake all the time and bring extra to my workplace. The guy I lilke sits away from me so I never see him eat the food but knows he goes out of his way to get it and compliment me to others. here's the weird part. I will stop by with paperwork and what not and he will be sitting at his computer. He won't look up but will mention the food, smiling. I will ask, oh, you tried it? He never admits it... only sits there without looking at me, smiling. "Maybe"...
Well, did you like it? Huge smile now..."I dont remember." He does this all the time!
Yet everyone else tells me that he waits for me to drop it off and runs over to be the first to try and say I'm the best cook or baker ever.
If people compliment me for ANY reason in front of him, he won't say a word. Just silently smile. He teases me and only me a lot. Always so very figity when he does actually talk to me when he is normally so calm and serious with others. I dont understand why it's beneath him to compliment me. Does it admit something in his eyes? I always compliment him!
Why won't he compliment or admit anything?
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