Why is he posting petty subliminals on Instagram?

I cut this guy off after 10 months of dealing with him. He couldn’t commit but begged me to stay in his life and told me how much he liked me and even loved me (never once did we have sex or did anything physical). He showed so much effort and interest but I wanted more and we ended up falling out. 3 days ago he posted some quote on his story stating, If someone doesn’t want you then you don’t need to seek closure, the closure is them not wanting to be with you”. The next slide was a video of him out with another girl looking all types of cozy, they looked like they were about to kiss. After seeing that, I blocked him because he was disturbing my peace and that was pretty hurtful to see... so my friend sent me something he posted today, which is pictured below:
Why is he posting petty subliminals on Instagram?
This is literally so hurtful because he literally told me this! The next slide was another girl... wishing her a happy birthday and calling her gorgeous. It’s like he never even cared about me.
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He keeps posting petty memes and stuff. I don’t know for sure if they’re directed towards me but they are very relevant to our situation... and it’s just hurtful in my opinion.
Why is he posting petty subliminals on Instagram?
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