HIGH SCHOOL BOYS, what the FUCK does this mean?

Okay so i’m in high school and there’s this boy I was kind of interested in. We never talked though, we’d just make eye contact from time to time. One of his friends jokingly tried to hook me up with him one day resulting in him getting annoyed and arguing with his friend while I walked off. In my English class my teacher assigned seats and we ended up sitting next to each other. He complained about his head hurting and he laid his head down the entire period. Today we both ended up coming to class early and he like, walked back out. After awhile he came back and he complained about where he sat. He said he doesn’t like the feeling of some sitting behind him (Someone sits behind him, but honestly who the hell complains about that?) and he wants to sit somewhere else. The teacher reluctantly let him sit somewhere else. I was offended honestly.

I guess he just isn’t interested at ALL, but I swear I heard him and his friends talking about me. They didn’t say my name they were just describing how I looked in great detail. I didn’t recognize which voice was whose though I heard things like “She’s thick.” and they described my hair style which is curly and i’m the only curly headed girl in the class.

Maybe i’m just overthinking it but i’m genuinely confused and want to know what he means.
HIGH SCHOOL BOYS, what the FUCK does this mean?
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