What do he mean by that?

I’m talking to this guy and we have a flirty banter kinda of relationship. So He was teasing me about being small. And called me a “short ass.” And I said to him “just let me live my small life okay.” And he was like “it’s all good I prefer smaller girls, so ur good.” And I was like “oh so I’m your type yeah?😏👀.” And he was like “maybe maybe it’s for me to see and u to find out xxx.” He is very mysterious but is interested to meet she get to know me. The thing he never gives away too much but he flirts with me a lot. Do u guys think he’s at least attracted to me?
3 mo
Also he said to me “I have a thing for Asian girls 😅.” And also 🍑 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ as u can see im Asian was that a hint of something lol
What do he mean by that?
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