How to read signs of attraction as an oblivious, inexperienced seventeen year old girl?

I’ve never been in a relationship with anyone, but for most of my life there’s been sort of a trend of guys confessing that they like me after their crush ends and they’ve moved on. Afterwards I’ll kick myself for being so oblivious for such a long time. I never ever notice, and usually interpret the signs for them either being friendly, liking or disliking me, or normal actions. They say they assumed I thought I was too good for them, but in actuality I literally just never notice until it’s too late. What are some ways to pick up on signs that a guy is interested? Anything short of sexual harassment goes right over my head. Probably bc of low self-esteem. even knowing that a few guys liked me or though I was pretty/smart/“perfect”, I still doubt.

Guys stare? I think they’re judging, not interested. polite things (offer their jacket, open doors from strange distances, random/specific compliments), tell jokes or get flustered around me, not meet my eyes bc of being nervous, do weird things in general (like I work with this guy and I realized two months after this happened that he prolly decided to lean against the lifeguard stand for three hours bc he wanted me to ask him to get in, not bc he thought I’d drown lmao there was NO ONE else there) making jokes to make me laugh, call me pretty/hot or smart or blatantly check out my body or write me poems and say “you’re so smart you should talk more” or “You think you’re too good for us”

Even writing this, knowing these signs probably indicate that a guy is interested in me, it seems like I’m just imagining it. How can I recognize these for what they are when they happen? Short of guys on public transportation telling me to sit in their lap, or a teacher blatantly looking down my shirt, I’m 100% oblivious to anything else.

I’m open to exploring things with guys. I just don’t know how, and when I realize, it always seems to be too late. Like, two years, too late.

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How to read signs of attraction as an oblivious, inexperienced seventeen year old girl?
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