Why is this guy so weird?

He’s been staring at me since the first day of class, and recently he moved his seat right across from me and he stares at me whenever I walk into class before I walk to my seat. And he also stares at me in class even after I walk in, we’ve also never spoke a word to each other. I looked back at him recently because I felt him staring and we made eye contact and then he pretend to look at something else. He’s a quiet kid, but very outgoing to others. Once he looked at me and laughed with his friend but his friend wasn’t even looking at me, he only laughed. His friend didn’t pay any attention. I gave him a weird look recently when I was walking to my seat because he’s constantly staring at me, and it’s everyday, more than once in class.
Please don’t say “ask him why he’s staring” I don’t want to confront him.
Why is this guy so weird?
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