Should I forgive him or not?

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the movies and went back home. It was around 12 almost 1am when he order a Lyft. At that moment we were both kind of mad or let’s just say I was , because I wanted to get a beer at the bar but he said it was late and had to wake up early. So he go the Lyft and I went inside the house

when I notice that the Lyft didn’t drop him off at home but instead drop him in a different location that looked familiar , there’s a mall but also a hotel exactly where he got drop off. And then he said he was home and told him he was a liar. I then get a uber notification that he was goin he was going home. I told him that he was lying to me and didn’t go home. He called me and said he got the wrong location and immediately got a uber to his house. I didn’t believe him but he did this in less than 10mins so I guess is believable. But I was already upset and mad and told him he was a hoe and to stop bothering me. He then call me and I picked up and he started to tell me that “ I’m a fake bitch and that I’m a loner and people fucked me over and that I had a abortion “ things that he knows would hurt me. I acted like he didn’t put me down. But honestly that’s how he really feels about me. And I don't know how to feel besides whatever happened before he said this to me
Should I forgive him or not?
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