How can you love someone who treats you poorly?

I met my boyfriend about a year ago and we were happy. As the months passed things began going down hill. We argue a lot. He claims I’m too good for him then I’m not. He says I’m not good at sex.
We hit one year today and we ended up getting in an argument over something dumb which ruined the whole day. I took my stuff, left all of his with him and left. He called saying it was my fault and he doesn’t want to do it anymore. I agreed.
A few hours later he called asking if I came to my senses and when I didn’t give him the response he wanted he ended up breaking a ceramic plate we painted in Colorado on Christmas. It was just a plate but it held sedimental value and he knew that.
My head is saying this is not the way to be treated but how can I still feel love for him when it’s this messed up?
How can you love someone who treats you poorly?
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