Is it worth it being a man?

I’m 22 years old. It sucks being a man. Like what’s the point, there’s nothing good about it compared to women.
Everything is great about being a woman!!

I feel lonely, it’s much harder to make friends and build close relationships. I have no one. Most common for men to feel this way.

Dating is impossible these days with dating apps that only work for women.

Probably lower career prospects, I’ve seen employers choose females because they’re females over men. Some professions like engineering literally beg for women

Also the male role is almost like you have to look after everyone while no one is really looking after you. Like men have to be well put and all together and stable.

Having a male ego is hard.

Also, we’re uglier than women. Not desired like women are.

We die earlier and easier.
Life’s worth it being a man
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Is it worth it being a man?
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