Does my crush like me back?

Okay so there's this boy in my maths class that sits next to me & he showed some 'signs':
- He complimented my hair
- my friend overheard him talking to his friend how I looked "peng" and "I would do her" when we all dressed up for an interview day in school
- He ONCE put his arm around my shoulders
- He sometimes stares at me
- He used to tease me by playing with my hair & tapping me and pretending it wasn't him who tapped me
- He used to pat my shoulder & says hello to me when we had another class together
- He showed me an mcm rucksack & my friend jokingly asked him "are you gonna buy that for your girlfriend?" then he said, "Oh for (my name)?"
- He was holding a metal rod he found in our classroom then he pretended as if he was going to hit me but then he told me "Nah I don't hit girls"
- He tapped my head in a teasing way then he asked me who was my wallpaper cos I was checking my phone & my wallpaper kinda look like him then my friend teasingly told him "so you think it was you" & he was like "Nah Nah"
BUT then it all stopped, he became distant & quiet.
Does my crush like me back?
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