Does this guy like me or am I insane?

1. He leans toward me whenever he is talking to me and makes sure his stuff is on my desk

2. He keeps asking me questions about me. Like things I like and dislike. Stuff like that.

3. Does stupid stuff in front of me. Like playing with the scissors and messing around with his friends.

4. He asks about things like "what if I got dreads?" "Or remember my hair before I changed it? Which one do you like better?"

5. Eye contact... a lot...

6. It seems like he always tries to make an effort to make me smile and when I don't it looks like he gets upset or frustrated in a sense because I am not paying attention.

7. Compliments me...

8. We have a lot in common. Like music and favorite color.. etc..

9. He says things that make me smile.

10. When I was talking to one of my guy friends (friend got super close).
He stood at the lockers and would like stare in a sense and look away then look. Then look away.


1. He has a girlfriend

2. We don't talk outside of class

3. We don't talk on the phone or anything like that.
Does this guy like me or am I insane?
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