My mistake or not? Long story?

I actually found a friend from chat app which is recommended by my friends to ease my mousey attitude (but I'm actually not if you are my close friend!). I hesitated at first because I'm not a chatty person and second I prefer to read wattpad and manhwa! And watch anime! But later on decided to try. I use the anonymous chat app, and try to befriend with strangers. I tried to look for girls but all of them are guys. I settle with one person, he listen to every story I share and so do I to him. We vet to know not so long and he asked for my fb account but I'm actually not allowed to and also for privacy. So I decided to create another account for friendly use. I only get chatty when excited so I help and share all what I can but he seem not to be interested. Its getting awkward and always me who try to make up for it. Its tiring, he seem also not read all my replies! Like read the top only then yah. How dissapointing so I try to understand him and study their time and country. How and what they are. 2 and a half hours is our time gap. It hurts me when a person pretended to or lie, maybe he have a problem. I asked him to but I don't know. I once helped him with one problem but disappointed with the respond.
I try my best even thou I'm busy and always tell him beforehand.
So yah... what do you think pups? Is he ok or he really is like that or something? Or its my fault? Is it my weong? What to do?
My mistake or not? Long story?
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