Does he have a crush on me?

There is a boy in my school. He his brother of my best friend.
I always used to speak on mic and he always stares at me more than normal. One day my best friend told me that he said that my voice is so cute
From that day I start noticing him. my friends always used to tease me for his name and she also teases him for my name. I also start liking him. I was confused whether he liked me or not because he always used to stare. As he is in other class so we don't talk. We both are too shy.
But some other day my best friend told me that he always used to read her and mine chat from her phone. I don't know why he read only her and mine chat and he also read it aloud.
When he used to come in my class I guess he always look for me and when he finds me then he stares at me. I don't know whether he comes for me or his sister because she always sit with me but I can surely say that he stares at me and stop for a bit while staring.
When we all are in a tour then he used to sit on a seat next to me but he gets nervous so he sit at other sites but still glances at my direction but I don't know does he look at me or somewhere else. I still don't understood as he give me mixed signals also we don't talk so I'm confused. Please help me...
(Sorry this became too long)
Does he have a crush on me?
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