Ex is being REALLY confusing?

Ok so before I begin this, for the love of God do not tell me just to block him or move on it means nothing, because that’s not what I’m asking.

I am however asking from a guys perspective, why would a man do this?

My ex and I dated for 3 months, he broke up with me, we followed each other on social media for 8 months until he removed me from his account and then shortly after unfollowed me. A few days after that he started posting his new girlfriend. Then 2 weeks go by and he starts posting a bunch of breakup quotes and liking a bunch of sad pictures. The day after he posted the 1st breakup quote he began watching my stories and has been consistently for 3 weeks now.

But my friend follows both him and the girl he may have been in a relationship with, and he still likes all of her pictures. This confuses me bc when we broke up he never liked any of my pictures again. She’s the type that posts relationship memes whether she’s single or not and seems like she tries too hard at the “play hard to get” game.

So I’m asking, if he’s either dating her currently or still so stuck on her, then what is my role in this and why is he still watching my stories if he “doesn’t care about me” anymore?

Him watching my stories doesn’t make sense either bc when we still spoke, he was a very prideful individual & I would have never guessed him to be the type to put his pride on the line by his ex noticing he’s watching their stories despite not even following her anymore.

Please help, thank you!
Ex is being REALLY confusing?
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