Puppy not eating. Please please please help?

So first things first. I'm prob gonna get hate for this but I had a German Shepherd mix for 6 months (got him at 2 months old) who was super attached to me, playful, loving, loved treats and raw meat, fetch and played with my other dog. I rehomed him due to my landlord being an a$$hole about me having him. Since he's been rehomed he hasn't been eating, playing, he's puking (I'm guessing from not eating), diahria, not taking treats, not even taking raw food that he absolutely loved. I visit him everyday and all he does is stay next to me the whole time and tries to follow me out the door when I leave. He's had urine, stool, blood work, x-rays, parvo and worms tests done and everything came back fine and the vet said he's never seen anything this bad and doesn't understand what's wrong with him. He's lost so much weight within a week and a half of him being rehomed and you can see his side bones, hip bone, collar no longer fits him. What can I do to help him? I tried bringing my dog over to his new home to help him but he ignored her which isn't him.. please help he looks like he's wasting away :(. Please no hate I just wanna get him better :(
Puppy not eating. Please please please help?
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