How can I get this guy to leave me alone at work?

Just had my Christmas party, it was really good and I had a lots of fun besides this guy I've had loads of issues with being creepy with me.

We had a big meeting in the morning in a hotel in county side. when we were alone he told me I looked so pretty and asked if I had bought a dress for the party tonight I said, yeah but I had abit of a mental breakdown about what to wear he said "youd look great in anything, you really don't understand how gorgeous you are" I tried to change the subject by saying "I better text Mat I got here safe (my boyfriend) he'll think I'm dead in a bush somewhere if I don't text him in the next hour".

He replied saying "I'd hate being in a relationship like that, doesn't he see you has a grown woman, dosent he trust you?" I didn't reply anything back but honestly he's in no place to judge my relationship his girlfriend is in Thailand for the next 2 years and he couldn't stop cheating on her so now they have a open relationship.

Once the party started the he wouldn't stop putting his hand on my back and following me around. Once he saw me alone he came to sit next to, to ask me to dance but I said one of the girls needed me in the toilets to help me unzip her jumpsuit so I could get away from him.

Then after that he left me alone till I got a little bit too drunk, he insisted on taking me to my room and kept grabbing me by my waist. One of the girls Frank saw and asked if I'd rather had her come with me. I told her to not leave her alone with him and she told me she thought something had been up with him for a while and thinks he's creepy to even though most people think he's wonderful but I think some people are starting to see through his nice boy act now.

In the morning whilst I was eating my breakfast, he told me he bought me a Christmas present and gave it to me. It was a really expensive bottle of gin. I thought such a gift was inappropriate to give to me with it being so expensive.
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I the night before I couldnt stop crying either, I'm so fed up. I just want to go work without someone thinking I'm easy and can get with me, I have a boyfriend. It just tells me these men don't respect me. I want to be able to have a safe, happy Christmas party and enjoy myself without worrying about being raped
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Why has be bought me a Christmas present now?

Is he being friendly or flirting?
How can I get this guy to leave me alone at work?
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