Guys, Does he seem to like me or no?

this guy and I are really close friends.

We had sex twice however. the first time after it was really weird. despite him sleeping with 836383 ( a lot) of woman he felt awkward towards me bc i was his friend.

he told his ex claiming it should not have happened over the summer.

he did reach out over the summer once when i went out asking a friend to take care of me as he was on vacation and i was out drunk.

over the summer he randomly asked me if i could get him a job (which took over 6 months to get bc its a student job and there's a process) and after he randomly asked if i had met anyone or any flings or anything.

We had sex once more in September and he asked again how many people I've slept w over the summer.

Before we had sex he told me he really cares about me and that he trusts me.

he even said no to friends with benefits after asking for it.

he said that those things get messy and that he didn't wanna loose me and that he trusts me

Bad part is he has many girls. I went to a party with him and he would be like “okay im gonna go check up on my chick” then he’d come back.

Guys who like you dont do that am i right? he sleeps around a lot...

ps: he works with me now and we actually have the same schedule
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So does he like me just as a friend?
Guys, Does he seem to like me or no?
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