Is this teacher evil?

Jasper is 12 years old and is in 6th grade. He has two friends named Marco and Eric. The teacher, Quan has banned all bathroom breaks for any reason. One day, while doing group projects Jasper has to use the bathroom. Quan says no. 10 mins later, Jasper shouts I GOTTA PEE and stands up sweating. Quan says Jasper can go, but if does him and his group will have to do extra homework after school. Jasper says he can hold it, then 4 mins later darts out of the classroom. Jasper wet his pants, and all his friends including him had to do extra homework. Jasper felt ashamed and embarrassed. He told his friends that he'd help them but then Eric said that his grades were already shitty and they might as well do it without him. Jasper said he'd make it up to them somehow and he almost started crying in front of them because he thought his friends would hate him now.
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Jasper is still sad
Is this teacher evil?
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