Am I wrong to get mad at my boyfriend for not answering a text?

Maybe I'm crazy but these things just irritate the hell out of me. We were together on Sunday all day and he asked when we're gonna see each other again. I told him I will drop by his work tomorrow (at a bar) after my work, because that's the only way we can see each other due to our opposite shifts. He said cool and it was a plan. Then yesterday I texted him that I'm on my way and he just said that he's kind of busy (lots of customers) but that I should come anyway. I told him that it's better not to come then because I don't wanna distract him, that it's fine and that we'll see each other tomorrow then. He ignored it but I didn't think much about it because I assumed he was busy. I went home and went on with my day. Then he texted me just a heart emoji when he was done with work and I asked him how was his day and if we're up for tomorrow, which he totally ignored. He saw the text but didn't bother replying. He knows I go to sleep at that time and he didn't even wished me good night. I woke up today to no text from him. This isn't the first time he leaves me on seen. I don't mind no reply if there's nothing special to reply to, but I do mind getting ignored if it's a simple question.
Am I wrong to get mad at my boyfriend for not answering a text?
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