Shooting the "first shot"... yay or nay#Update?

I’m 22 and a friend is trying to set me up with this man (23) (she doesn't know him personally, but through mutual friends) who’s literally a perfect fit! He’s a future accountant in grad school... We’ve added each other on social media... Would it be too forward to message him first? I’ve NEVER done this before either, if I do, what should the simple/break the ice message be?

I sent him this:"Hey! Superr random, but I noticed your LinkedIn and it was so refreshing to see another young trailblazer (especially in our community) paving the way for others. Awesome!"... And it's been like 24 hours, and he still hasn't opened it on FB yet? He's being on twitter though?
Shooting the "first shot"... yay or nay#Update?
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