Guys, Why does it bother my guy when I say another guy is icky or disgusting?

I work at a public service desk, and there's this neighborhood guy with missing teeth and a criminal record that comes in. This guy has made comments about my rear, such as "I'm enjoying the view" when I have my back turned, etc. He's done this about three times so far, and has commented on my lack of a wedding ring, etc. He makes me feel icky, because I know he's raking me over and thinking who knows what. He's just gross and really old too. All my female coworkers think this guy is nasty, too.

I was telling my boyfriend about this guy (he knows who he is) in the course of telling him about my day, and I said, "He's disgusting, and I wish he'd stop." My boyfriend acts like he thinks I'm being mean. He says, "how is he disgusting just for being attracted to you?" and "So if he were handsome, would it be okay for him to say that?"

I am not the kind of woman who can't take a compliment from a man at work. I don't think all men are rapists or harassers just because they say, "You look nice today." I like men and I enjoy compliments from them.

But there's a way to compliment that makes a woman feel like you're a really sweet guy, and that there's nothing to fear, and then there's a way to "compliment" that makes a woman feel like if you got a chance, you'd grab her and use her. That's the kind of attention that I don't want. Even if a guy is really good-looking, if he says something in a slimy way, it makes my skin crawl.

Why does it rub my boyfriend the wrong way when I say this other guy is icky and/or disgusting? I don't get it!
Guys, Why does it bother my guy when I say another guy is icky or disgusting?
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