Should I Chase My Dream Girl?

Over and over again I find myself falling in love with different girls but I'm limited by my low self-confidence. I'm the type of person who is easily discouraged so if I face any kind of challenge I bow my head in shame and let the opportunity slip past. I met a girl who does photography for a living (I am very interested in photography / video myself), she's always smiling every time I see her and I think she is one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. The problem is that she's always surrounded by other people, I've never seen anybody hit on her but I feel confident someone as popular as her has guys throwing themselves in front of her all the time. I personally am not one for large groups, I tend to be the outcast in most situations. She's also older than me, I'm 18 and I think she's around 22-23 so that stands in my way as well. I'm tall though, 6'3 and somewhat strong-built so I look older than I am, around her age.

So what do I do? Countless times I've fallen in love and I always just end up having the carpet pulled out from under my feet. I wish there was a switch inside me I could just turn off and never have feelings for a girl again, nothing good has ever come out of these feelings anyways. I'm sure she knows I like her because she's caught me admiring her while she was taking photos several times. I smile when I see her so Its not like I creep her out or anything, its just that I don't ever know what to say and end up making an idiot out of myself.

I don't know whether I should chase her or just let go, she seems way 'out of my league' anyhow, what could - I - offer her in a relationship?

Please answer this question with thought, I'm growing very depressed over this, I've never shared anything special with a girl and I feel as though I never will. I'm not the type of guy just looking to f*** women, I want to be around someone special that I can share something meaningful with.
Should I Chase My Dream Girl?
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