WTH is going on?

So I went out with this guys for two days. All of which I asked him out. The first time went well (i guess), so I decided to ask him out again to the movies, in which he agreed. So, at the movies, he started making a move on me (holding hands, cuddling, slight peck on my forehead, and went under my shirt)... so I reciprocated his moves... however, when the movie was about to end, he stood back in his chair and just walked me back as if nothing happened in the movies. He said farewell to me and then we departed. Later, i texted him to thank him for the amazing time i had and added a heart emoji next to my text and wished him luck in his next activity... he just responded with a “thanks!”... so i ignored him because i was kind of shocked.. later, i told him i was about to leave, but he left me on read and never texted me back... so, should I still go for him? He never texted me first about anything by the way...
WTH is going on?
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