What is running in his mind?

Yesterday was my bjrthday and ny ex sent me wishes nd chocolate through his bestfriend and also called me to wish.. at evening i thanked him on text and after that he said he thought of his responsibility as it was my first birthday during our relation. then he said from now on i should forget him as he wants nothing to do with me.. i said i agreed with him.. i didn't show any kind of sadness.. i just keot on agreeing with him.. today evening he just messaged me that he was missing me.. i ignored him. nd he bombarded with me text by requesting me to handle him for just one day more and he will not disturb me for tomorrow on.. i still ignored him.. and he kept on asking where i was busy and if i want to talk or not. i kept on ignoring. he gave me the reason that he just messaged because tiday was hug day and he wanted a hug.. though he live far away from me. i am nkt getting him. kindky help.
What is running in his mind?
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