Is it okay to give up?

I have give up on having a relationship, I just find it all so stressful. My family keeps telling me one day you will meet the right guy so don't give up. Yet, I am sick of trying to find the right guy. I was speed dating and found none of the guys were looking for a relationship, just sex. I found that I was happy when I could go home. Anyway, after I met a guy I liked we date for 4 months, only to find out he was married. He told he was getting a divorce, but it wasn't finalised yet. I told him he should have waited until he was divorced, before dating new people. I have been single for 33 years, then I meet this guy and he's married and cheating on his wife. I just can't waste anymore time. I know there are good guys out there, but they are already taken, as I am not a homewrecker I won't be trying to find love anymore.
Is it okay to give up?
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