Is he acting like a friend or not?

I want to confront him, but I want to make sure I am not overthinking this before i talk to him.
I was sitting with my back to my guy friend (28M) yesterday as he was sitting on my right side. He got up to and was about to leave, when he put his hands on my back and gave me like a back hug/tickle me- im really ticklish so i started laughing. He hugged me tight and then said bye and left. I was so confused because I don't know if it could mean more

his girlfriend and him ended things a few months ago mutual- she's about to move away. I know her well too, and they both have told me they are only friends now but they are still always around each other because for the last year they would always be together.

Do you think he wants something else from me or is this just friendly jokes? and before someone says, no i dont consider what he did harassment, he my friend and I know he wasn't trying to hurt me.
Is he acting like a friend or not?
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