How many days is too many days to ignore a guy?

I been talking to this guy for some time now (we still are) and I wanna get to know him on a more emotional level. Thing is I fucked up and got to emotional, excited and started rushing things I guess, trying to move the relationship forward soon not realizing these things were making me come off as needy and at the same time pushed this guy away to the point he ignored me for a couple days, doesn’t ask to see me and even told me he doesn’t know if he wants a relationship right now and wants to take things slow. So I’m trying to give him space and be my old self he first new the chill me, and well I read that doing so I can’t be available to him or at-least not be in contact so much with him, so that he clears his head up as well as me. So I’m just wondering how many days would be just enough for him not to feel ignored by me but more like confused and maybe miss me a little?
How many days is too many days to ignore a guy?
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