Am I being dramatic?

this guy treated me like a girlfriend he acted like a true gentleman. took me on dates, paid, opened my car door, etc. i was staying over his house on the weekends. we were having sex. then i found out that week he hung out with my coworker who he says he has history with and tried to kiss her. my coworker told me about how he’s a player he talked about me saying i wasn’t his type and she told me she was going to stop talking to him but still is talking to him. i really fell for this guy because he treated me so well and seemed really interested. i talked to him about it and he didn’t really explain anything but didn’t seem to care when i said goodbye. i still have a lot of feelings for him and i’m unsure if i overreacted? what is your option? we were never exclusive but he treated me like we were
Am I being dramatic?
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