Am I a bad person for feeling empathy towards incels?

I already know some people will assume i accept the violent dangerous behaviour by some of these guys & i don't. I really don't condone that kind of dangerous behaviour. But i won't lie when i say that i can empathize with a lot of them. Believe it or not, not all incels are the same just like not all women are the same yet society categorizes every incel into the same group. There are incels who don't want to cause harm or talk down about women but just want to talk about their struggles or the emotional pain they're feeling from feeling unwanted or not good enough. But of course a lot of these guys can't talk about their issues because then they're made fun of or judged as bad people for it. Sure i know a lot of incels can be problematic but i do think at the same time the media & other people who feel they're superior give incels a lot of problems & vilify every single one. It's a lot better though for an incel to talk about their problems instead of letting anger build or any other kind of dangerous feeling. But some of these guys and much as society would say otherwise are pushed to the breaking point & do something very regrettable that can't be undone once it happens. I know that I'm not going to be able to reach out to every incel i encounter & a lot won't want my help. But for the ones that do, I'll listen & try to understand where they're coming from & saves lives. Would this make me a had person though for trying to help these guys?
Am I a bad person for feeling empathy towards incels?
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