Is it toxic if I comment on this guys photo of his gf?

Ok y'all, this guy (J) & I became friends 8yrs ago, We used to Skype regularly & talk everyday we became close but always were just friends. 3yrs later i was in a relationship & he told me he liked me. I was like OK? I had a bf! He was there for my first break up, he tried to mend my broken heart. Then 2yrs later I had a boyfriend again & J told me he liked me & again I was in a relationship!! We kind of distanced away because my boyfriend was controlling. When I left my boyfriend I started talking to J again & we were cool like nothing happened. I slept at his place & he slept at mine but literally nothing ever happened just cuddled to sleep! It was weird but nice, i loved not being afraid of losing him forever (like if we'd dated & broken up) + he never ever wanted to hang out with me in public. He only ever wanted to see me past 11pm! So i never really thought he liked me more than a friend. Then I got back with my boyfriend (complicated -he threatened me) & J and I didn't talk as much but we checked in on each other. I became pregnant & within a month boyfriend got physical with me so I pleaded for a place to stay on my social media, said I wasn't safe. I later messaged J if I could stay the night & I would leave early before he had to go to work & he said no. Obv he was under no obligation to help me but I thought he was my friend! I don't think I ever spoke to him again. I was mad for some time but my pregnancy brain can't remember. This was early 2017. 6 months ago he added me on FB & i asked him about what I last remember happened he said he did that bc he was upset at me, he liked me & I dated that other guy. But were cool now. I followed him on IG & when he approved I immediately went to check out his girlfriend of over a year. She was tagged in his photos but I was in the middle of doing something so when i went back through his photos he untagged her from all his photos! Weird? Today he posted a photo of her & I want to comment "she's so pretty" since he has no comments. Can I?
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Sorry my question is misleading at first, I didn't know how to ask!! Also I'm not with the crazy guy anymore lol

I don't know do you guys think it would be weird if I comment? Like she IS pretty but I don't know I guess I don't know what I want to get out of this by commenting
Is it toxic if I comment on this guys photo of his gf?
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